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💎 About me (Diamond Lim) the Diamond Diaries Moderator 💎

Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 40,580 Diamond Diaries Moderator
edited March 4 in Players' Corner

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Hello! Everyone! 👋

I am Diamond Lim (You can also called me Lim is short as well). 😊

Today I wanna to discuss "About Me the Diamond Diaries Moderator". 😉

I started promoting Diamond Diaries Moderator on 1st March 2021. After that, I know what to do help players on King Community (Diamond Diaries Community and Community Hub mostly). 😉

Now! Let's I will start noticing all of you! 😉

Firstly, I will ask "Tagging". Tagging is very useful and helpful that everyone got their tags on notifications then check contests, news and more exciting threads. 😉

Of course! Everyone tells me "Queen of the Tags / Tagging Queen"! They need my help to tag players! But that's not success yet! @Lady_Choo and @Lynette wanna to ask me Tagging is great but get long posts especially mobile users scroll down so much and difficult until to comment box. So they will like idea is putting all of their tags into spoiler as well. 😉

So here is I tag players before updating and asked me on screenshot below 👇

So is it long post? Right? 👆

Of course! It's long post! I will trying to put all of their tags into spoiler on whole King's Game Communities. (I got waste almost 1 hour and spoiler need one paragraph and another paragraph without spoiler automatically, So tried!) 😩

Then finally I put tags into spoiler completed (started on yesterday) and here I tag players after updating and asked me on screenshot below 👇

So is it short post? Right? 👆

Yes! I hope the players cannot scroll down so much and difficult right now! 😄

So I wanna thank to @Lady_Choo and @Lynette as I think it's very great tagging them into spoiler as well! 👍😄

Also special thanks to @MightyWolf, @Pitty_Kitty, @DieOmimi, @Spinnifix, @FlaringCrystal120, @BubbleGumSoda (and some players) who have helped me to tag them on King Community while I am still very busy. But you need more attention! If you wanna to help me to tag them, please tag them into spoiler first then can posting as well! (You can see my screenshot of after updating and asked me on screenshot above 👆)

So you want need my help to tag them, you can tag me (but I check my notifications so late due to very busy) then I will check it out first before tagging. After checking, I will tagging them if I confirm. (If I cannot confirm, I will tagging and answering you while cannot tagging them) So it's not all of threads perfectly as I need more attention to be checked especially it's duplicated / useless discussions and ideas mostly. That's why I noticed you about tagging! I hope you can understand to read "Tagging". 😊

Then I will asking you another notice!

I can still helping players on Diamond Diaries Community and Community Hub. Except Diamond Diaries Community and Community Hub, I have no longer to help players on another King's Game Communities due to very busy. (except I have a lot of free time)

So when you wanna to answer player who has used another language, duplicated discussions and others on King Games's Community, you must check find all of the Game Moderators here before tagging and answering. (If there is no Game Moderator on which King's Game Community, you can tag me but I come to answer so late.) Please don't tagged all of Game Moderators. 😊

And finally I have also no longer to say "Congrats! 🎉🎉🎉 (And more kind replies etc)" on recent activities. I know that was so sad but can't! 😔

But I still see all of posts and who have earned badges (especially I wanna to check new badges).

So that's all! I hope you can understand to listen and read my notices! 😊

Also I give extra very great idioms for you!

1. Change is better, let's embrace it!

I love this idiom! This idiom by firebombmarkus! So Game Moderators Team, Community Team and I wanna to change every else is better! Then we will got to do this! 😉

2. Failure is the mother of success!

Yes! This idiom is my best favourite! So I wanna to tell you "What's meaning of Failure is the mother of success?" It's means Failure is often a stepping stone towards success. (You can also search another meanings from searching) 😉 Just like me! I am still Learning Disabilities (from 2008 to present) now but I still never give up to do and help players on King Community! I will trying my best until I did it! 😊

So let's we help players around King Community! Our help is much appreciated! Thank you! 💖😊

(P. S. ➡️ I have written this discussion while I am still thinking about 1 hour 30 minutes)

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