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Feedback wanted! New title for level 1-5 💪🏻😄

wykoonwykoon Posts: 6,955 Community Hub Moderator
edited March 10 in Players' Corner

Hello everyone,

I'm sure all of us are now aware of the new point system, ranking and reward. I'm excited for this change! I still love to have fun with my friends in this Community and ranking up is just a bonus now🤭

Since the status legend have different tiers with cool name, why not do the same for those levels below Legend instead of the plain old level 1-5 😂🤭

Thus, I've come up with some new sweet and sassy title to reflect our status together with the rationale in the bracket. Here it is 👇🏻

Level 1- Newbie (no change)

Level 2 - Explorer (player has started the exploring journey)

Level 3 - Cool Explorer (not shy, getting comfortable)

Level 4 - Fun Explorer (making lots of friends, having fun, helping out)

Level 5 - Star Explorer (many people know who you are)

It will be more fun to have these new titles in view of the change.

So folks, are you in favour of these new titles? Please vote and feel free to comment if you have a better name for these titles.


@Pounawea @Crazy Cat Lad @Lola_Pop

Feedback wanted! New title for level 1-5 💪🏻😄 49 votes

Yes, totally awesome! 👏🏻
Sharon_LooseElsaPummyRajSabrinaMDiamond Limabe_coffeeSpinnifixjeanpsNat09lemcblipeteencantessiti_payungCagnes[Deleted User]debrichmondLoveDachsOrigins7_Daleteresawallace44wykoon 44 votes
No 🙄
Niwlog 1 vote
Who cares 🤷
FluzzardDeepshikhaSharanNckBubbleGumSoda 4 votes

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