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Dear Community,

Either if you recently joined our Community or you are already familiar with our Community Team, how well do you know them?

Some of us, the Moderators, for sure are super excited to know more about our team of Community Managers 🤗🤗🤗

Without further ado, we are pleased to feature our first and wonderful Community Manager, @LadyRaffie who is in charge of the Soda Community! 🥰😊

Here’s what she has to say. Please read on...

💥Please share with us your daily routine in King, main roles and responsibilities💥

My main role is to make sure that our players are heard within the Studio. I share with our players all the news about features, events, or anything relevant the Studio is bringing to the game. And I make sure to gather all the feedback, information in case of issues, etc. from our players to pass it on to the Studio.

Along with that, and shared with the Community team, I have the responsibility of building a Community where everyone feels welcome and safe and has fun.

Also, I have assigned other side projects to help grow our Community. For example, one of these side projects is to explore the possibility of introducing a tool to automatically translate a language, so everyone would post in their own language without any barriers whatsoever.

💥Tell us one interesting fact about yourself💥

I have ADHD and I have been struggling with it all my life. Just recently have been watching TED talks about it which helped me to embrace it instead of being ashamed of it.   It is true that makes things tough for you in life, even very small things, but if you know how to channel it correctly, it can help you develop amazing skills and know how to make the most of it.

💥What two values do you uphold and live by?💥

Be respectful and kind and stay true to yourself

💥Share with us three things on your bucket list once the pandemic is over💥

Travel, travel and .. travel! 🛫

💥What four dishes would you cook for someone special💥

Veggie Lasagne, Paella, Risotto and Apple Strudel

💥Tell us five of the most adventurous things that you've done in your life💥

  • Took a sabbatical year before college to make sure what I wanted to do with my life and future.
  • Went on my own to live in another country where they didn’t speak my mother tongue.
  • Travelled alone (from Cyprus to Lebanon and almost the whole South East Asia)
  • Survived a terrorist attack (twice)

💥What King Game do you play? What level are you at?💥

I mostly play Soda (surprise!) and I’m at level 5020.

💥If you were given the chance of joining a team in the studio which team would you join and why? (e.g. graphic, level developer, data specialist, etc.)💥

Either graphic designer or Marketing since those are my bachelor's degree and master's.

💥What are your best memories whilst working in King?💥

One of the best, is from 2019 where I attended a player event we hosted in Barcelona. It was amazing to meet our players in person and see how much passion they have for our games.

💥Is there any specific thing in the Community that you love the most?💥

How players help and motivate other players to pass levels, to find new features, to solve issues, to have fun together and so on. The feeling of belonging and the camaraderie that everyone shares in the Community is what makes it unique.

💥What do you look forward to when you go to work?💥

To work seriously playful 😊

We have come to the end of the Q&A, but wait…there’s more! LadyRaffie will answer three (3) questions from the floor and players who have their question answered will receive 1 booster of your choice limited to 1 of your favourite King’s game only!

@Elsa and I would love to thank you, @LadyRaffie for answering our questions and we present you this special badge for being the Featured Community Manager this year, which was created by our lovely @bearwithme! 🤗

This Q&A will end on 31 March 2021 at 09:00 EST/ 14:00 CET and you can find the Terms & Conditions here.


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