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Why i only have lives from a few friends

miguelbukemiguelbuke Posts: 1 Newbie

About Candy Crush.

I don't know what have I changed on my settings, but for the last weeks i'm only having lives from a few friends.

Is there something that can i change?


  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 42,459 Diamond Diaries Moderator

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    Don't worry! You can click here to read my answer to follow these steps of add more friends that I hope you can send and receive lives with friends on this game. 😊

    You can also check this information here (Not receiving any Lives or did you lose all stored Lives?) that I hope you can understand to read it.

    You can also check here (🧔🔄👩 New Profile and Friends feature in the game!) then see how this works! 😉

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    The topic of friends has been known to us for a long time and we are working on it. I would like to shock you into the ideas area of ​​Candy Crush and there you can vote everywhere.

    I wish you a great weekend

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