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😻Who is our next featured Community Manager of June?🐱‍🚀

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Hello there King-tastic crew!

We are back with another Q&A session with one of our favourite CMs. If you'd noticed the 2 cat emojis in the title, you would have some hint. Yes you've guessed it right, the CM we are featuring in June is our fun and friendly @Crazy Cat Lad 😸😸😸 have a good read 😃😃❤️

💌 Please share with us your daily routine in King, main roles and responsibilities.

My first and biggest job is to be the CM for Candy Crush Saga, but I also keep an eye on Pet Rescue Saga, AlphaBetty Saga and Papa Pear Saga. Here is the summary of my roles and responsibilities:-

  • Post and inform about all new things, updates and what happens in the game or that are coming to the game in the forum.
  • Report issues and bugs to the Game Team when I see players experiencing this in the Community and keeping the players up to date on the issue.
  • Create and organise competitions as well as silly posts to keep the forum sweet and fun!
  • Create various artworks for the site, like signatures, avatars, badges to mention some.
  • Follow and gather all traffic and stats from the site, analyse it and present to my colleagues every yearly quarter in order to keep us updated how we’re doing.
  • Provide players' feedback, comments and what is happening in Community to the Candy Crush Saga Game Team so they are aware of players' comments and preferences about the game.
  • Help, support and keep the Game Moderators up to date with the game. 

💌Tell us one interesting fact about yourself

I am an educated chef and sommelier and worked with food and wine for 15 years before I changed career.

💌What two values do you uphold and live by?

Always try to find a good balance in your life and make sure karma doesn’t hit back to you. Nam-yoho-renge-kyo

💌Share with us three things on your bucket list once the pandemic is over

Going to Stockholm Sweden to visit friends and family

Travel to Turku Finland to visit @Jelly_Jenny

Gran Canaria (Spain) trip for vacation relax/ party/ fun.

💌What four dishes would you cook for someone special

I would go for one of these four menus:

  1. Toast Skagen (prawn toast) and Swedish Meatballs with mashed potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberries.
  2. Greek Feta cheese salad with Tzatziki and a nice bread and Soutzoukakia (Greek meatballs of lamb in tomato🍅 sauce)
  3. Tom kha gai and Som Tam (Thai coconut 🥥soup and green papaya salad)
  4. Chipirones, tortilla de patatas and pimientos padron. (fried baby squid, potato omelette and roasted green peppers).

For dessert always Crème Brûlée! The King of desserts!

💌Tell us five of the most adventurous things that you've done in your life

I am not that adventurous, so I don’t have a whole list of five things. One of the most adventurous things I've done was when I packed my bags, sold my flat in Stockholm and went to Barcelona to start a new life and see how it goes. Eight years later, I’m still here with three adopted cats.

💌What King games do you play? What level are you at?

Pet Rescue 2077, Pyramid Solitaire 886, AlphaBetty 768, Candy Crush 5606

💌If you were given the chance of joining a team in the studio which team would you join and why? (e.g. graphic, level developer, data specialist, etc.

I would join the Pet or the Candy Studio and join the events team to develop and create live events to the game.

💌What are your best memories whilst working in King?

That I found really good friends as @QueenB @Jelly_Jenny @Bobcat_Bob

💌Is there any specific thing in the Community that you love the most?

All fun, great, engaged and lovely people who hang around here. My job would be so boring without all of you players.

💌What do you look forward to when you go to work?

Going to work nowadays is to move from my bed to the sofa or kitchen table, but normally when we’re in the office I look forward to chat with all colleagues and gossip at the coffee machine. 


Wow, that was an amazing answers and I'm literally drooling 🤤🤤🤤when I read the dishes that Crazy Cat Lad would cook for that someone special 😅😆

The Q&A has come to an end and I hope everyone had enjoyed reading it as much as I do!

Here is your chance to ask Crazy Cat Lad a question. In conjunction of celebrating love this month, six (6) players who have their question answered will receive 1 booster (your choice) for their King’s game (limited to 1 game only)!

Lastly, thank you very much @Crazy Cat Lad for answering our questions and we present you this special badge for being the Featured Community Manager 🤗

You have until 25 June 2021 at 15:00 CEST to submit your question. Terms & Conditions here.

If you've missed the earlier 2 interviews with our CMs, visit the link below to read it:-



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