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Candy Crush Saga lives, gold bars and most importantly friends required

gemazing Posts: 153 Level 3

If you recognise me as your friend on Candy Crush Saga PLEASE can you send me some lives. I've been stuck on level 964 for what feels like an eternity.


  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 24,419 Sweet Legend

    Hello and welcome

    According to the house rules, personal data may not be publicly deposited.

    It is a protection of the players to protect against abuse. Are you in king. com or FB. You can add friends. This is only possible on the PC:

    I took 2 pictures for you especially. It's easy. Groups of players come to you in your game and at the top is the symbol with the 2 people. The symbol for friends. You can let them inquire about and enter an email address of your friends yourself and then he will be with you in your group. So you can send your life back and forth. I hope this makes sense to you!

    Facebook -> Create a Facebook account -> Search for "Candy Soda Group" where active players usually post comments -> Submit a request to join the group -> Post if you are allowed to join the group Leave a comment on "add yourself as a friend". You will receive a lot of friend requests, just accept them and have friends who send you lives.

    Good Luck

  • _Elsa_
    _Elsa_ Posts: 36,525 Sweet Legend

    Welcome to our community @gemazing! This community and your game are not linked together. They are 2 separate accounts so you cannot ask here for friends to give you lives in your game. If you need friends to help you with your game, please take a moment to read this message. How do I add friends from here for my game?

    There is a lot to see and many things to do in the community, so check out this guide to help you find your way around. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Tag one of us by using the @ symbol and then type out our name. You will see a box pop up so click on the correct name and your tag should now be showing up in bold or simply click on the "Quote" function right below our message box so we get your notification.

    I am so happy that you joined us here. You are going to love the contests, meeting new people who love the game as much as you do. If you have any game questions at all, I am going to add a link here that will open up as an Excel spreadsheet. On the left you will find your game and then scroll across to where you would like to go. For example, do you have a game issue question? Then click on your game Support link. Would you like to meet other game players that play the same game as you? Then click on the Discussions link. Don't forget to check out the current contests for your game for a chance to win some free gold bars for your game.

    Excel Spreadsheet (Support, Discussion, Contests, Ideas, Videos, etc.)

  • gemazing
    gemazing Posts: 153 Level 3


    Thank you for all your help.

    I'm sorry I broke the rules, I should have paid more attention to the group rules (which are sensible) when joining.

    It won't happen again.

    Have a great day x

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 24,419 Sweet Legend
    edited June 2021


    if you need help again, you can also write to me privately and I will help you as I can. It's okay. At the beginning you don't know everything. There is an area for beginners here. You could like to read this through.

    Get Started --- This is the link for newbies !! 😉

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