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Hello fellow Community members,

We are back with Feature CM of the Month! This month, we had great pleasure to interview our lovely @QueenB who looks after Farm Heroes Saga, Farm Super Heroes Saga and Bubble Witch Saga 3 forums. Let’s welcome her and here are her answers to our questions.

🌻Please share with us your daily routine in King, main roles and responsibilities.

My job is to represent YOUR Voice to the Developers of the game!

I have monthly meetings and daily chats with different members of the studios where I share feedback about events in the games, new features and or report major issues.

So my daily routine is to check my communities, communicate with my Game Mods, make sure there are fun and safe content for members to engage with, run polls and ask specific feedback on specific posts so I can hear what you want and need and share this with the makers of the game 😉

🌻Tell us one interesting fact about yourself

I went to Police academy and almost became a cop in Norway.

🌻What two values do you uphold and live by?

Loyalty and honesty!

🌻Share with us three things on your bucket list once the pandemic is over

  • Travel back to the Philippines and visit 5 other islands
  • Visit my sister in New Zealand
  • Loose 10 Kilos (where did they come from 🤷‍♀️)

🌻What four dishes would you cook for someone special

  •  My famous lasagna
  • BBQ ribs
  • Carrot cake
  • Waffles

🌻Tell us five of the most adventurous things that you've done in your life

  • Scuba diving
  • The Norwegian Arctic – spent 5 days there enjoying the northern lights
  • My trips to Thailand and the Philippines
  • Helicopter lessons
  • Sailing lessons  

🌻What King games do you play? What level are you at?

Farm Heroes Saga – 2256

Candy Crush Soda – 4317

Bubble Witch 3 – 2420

Crash on The Run

🌻If you were given the chance of joining a team in the studio which team would you join and why? (e.g. graphic, level developer, data specialist, etc.

I would join the Farm level designer team. Why? Well one time I attended a session they had and I got to design a level which was so awesome and entertaining. I had no idea creating a level was so fun and all the things that you need to take in to account… seems like and exciting job and lots of fun.

🌻What are your best memories whilst working in King?

Easy! Before COVID, we used to have off sites either we would travel somewhere or the rest of the King would come to Barcelona. These events are so fun as there are loads of activities and we get to meet all Kinsgters and people we work with daily but never met in person. On top of that, there was always a hell of a party and lots of free food. Good old times!

🌻Is there any specific thing in the Community that you love the most?

 I love how community allows you to connect with people from all over the world and build friendship even during these hard time, it’s beautiful…

 I also love that Farm Heroes is the only game that has a “Go to level” feature and it was all thanks to the community members for sharing this awesome idea.

🌻What do you look forward to when you go to work?

So when we used to have an office to go to, it was breakfast!!! Like I said, I love free food 😁 but seriously, seeing my team mates and wonder what adventures will we have today.


After reading the above interview, I imagined @QueenB in her police uniform if she isn't a CM 😁😁 and as a food lover, I hope to try her lasagna one day!

You now have a chance to ask QueenB a question. Three (3) players who have their question answered will receive 1 regular booster of their choice, limited to 1 game only!

Last but not least, we are very thankful to QueenB for taking her time in answering our questions. Kindly accept this special badge from us for being the Featured Community Manager 🤗

You have until 31 August 2021 at 15:00 CEST to submit your question. Terms & Conditions here.




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