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🥤🍭Soda Friends Games: Grab your Super Liga Tournament Badge!

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Hello Sodalicious and Friendtastic Communities!

Our Soda Friends Games have finally come to an end!

And this is the final task:

Post the 6 screenshots showing you’ve participated in all 6 weeks of Soda Friends Games threads - easy as that! It’s a prize for YOUR perseverance and engagement :) 


  • Please post the screenshots showing you’ve mastered all challenges here below
  • Please do not edit or remove anything in your screenshot
  •  Any cheating or manipulation of screenshots will be an automatic disqualification of this contest

🏀 How long do you have?

You have until the 31st of August, 12 pm CEST

🏈 What can I win?

Post your screenshots prooving you have participated in all the 6 Soda Friends Games weeks and

➡️. 5 random winners will get 50GB in their game ( Candy Crush Soda or Candy Crush Friends)

➡️. You'll receive this exclusive and wonderful badge

Are you ready for the endgame?

Sodaliciously friendtastic!!

"Terms & Conditions"



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