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Today is Mayflower Day!

ElsaElsa Posts: 34,111 Community Hub Moderator

‘Mayflower Day commemorates the day the ship set sail from Plymouth, England in 1620.

On September 16 of 1620, the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, England with 102 souls on board. These colonists- men, women, children, some seeking fortune, some seeking religious freedom – were later known as pilgrims.

The colonists’ intended to land at Virginia. However, after 66 days at sea, storms and winds blew them off course. After spotting modern-day Cape Cod, the members of the Mayflower intended on exploring the mouth of the Hudson River. However, rough seas continued to plague the ship. They turned back and stayed at Cape Cod.

For the next few weeks, the Pilgrims explored Cape Cod and eventually settled on Plymouth for their plantation.’ (Source)

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HOW TO OBSERVE #MayflowerDay .... post memes, animations, etc. to celebrate today ……………..



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