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(ENDED) 🎨 ✂️ Art for Halloween 🎃 with Odus, the Owl from Candy Crush Friends 🦉

DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 16,027 Friends Moderator
edited November 3 in Art Nook: King Fanart!

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Odus flies through the community and sees a lot of posts about Halloween. @Elsa has put so much effort into providing fun with Halloween puzzles to all players in the community. In the HUB she has created a summary of all puzzles for Halloween. 

He also sees a nice contest in the Friends Community HERE. He also wants to participate in the party. He tells @DieOmimi.

--"Hmmm Odus, maybe we can motivate players to an art contest to show us their creations for Halloween. Haven't you always wanted a pretty Halloween costume or a suitable disguise?"

Task: 👇

So dear players, show us that you celebrate Halloween with Odus. 

You can Odus put on a Halloween disguise, create a costume for him or decorate him with Halloween accessories.

Make a drawing, a collage or other self-made art with Odus for Halloween. 

Mark your artwork with your name so that everyone can assign it to you in the exhibition.

Rewards: 👇

5 lucky winners will each receive 15 gold bars in their game, for Candy Crush Friends Saga 25 gold bars will be awarded.

All players who complete the task of the competition will receive this wonderful badge:

Dates: 👇

Open from Oct 20th to Nov 3rd 4 p. m. (CET)

I wish all participants a lot of fun! 💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺

Terms and Conditions here



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