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Why are you voting for a specific idea?

ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 792 Level 3

My question arose because in the Ideas section I most clearly see what interests (or not) members in the community (this does not apply to moderators and other community stars, because there are specific nuances associated with the position, I understand that). But maybe I'm wrong.

I want to ask regular community members. And I ask you to give an honest answer. (If you do not want to answer honestly, then you better keep silent. In this case, this will also be the answer to my question, and I will understand it.)

I am guessing which answer will get the most votes. But I still hope for the honesty of the players. I want to compare the results with my impressions of the voting in the ideas sections.

My question.

Why are you voting for a specific idea?

Why are you voting for a specific idea? 32 votes

I want every player to get everything they want from the game.
CarlitaAlfonsojojo75 2 votes
I have great respect for the author of the idea and I want to support him to make his wish come true.
jatzcarmenechevarriarebelchildjaneau_owlDisguiretashanight3Lemurteknobelove 8 votes
I vote for the idea, and my altruism and personal sympathies do not matter here.
quad5EnergizerBunnySpinnifixNat09FluzzardMountainMomwykoonDieOmimiMollyShechicerillame6412Nix66JessicaBillyBubbleGumSodaCassDgreddycandyarwen777Moh1977rareSabriny 22 votes


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