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🍬 Candy Day: Vote and collect a sugarsweet badge!

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Dear Candy Fans,

The Candy Day party is on! And each celebration deserves a badge, so...

👉️ Vote & comment about your fav candy to earn a sugarsweet one!

Whether Candy Crush Saga, Soda, Friends or Jelly players, we all love candy...at least we love crushing it, right?

Those sweet striped candies,

The divine wrapped candies,

And the very refreshing Swedish fish!

We admire the coloring candies

The amazing lollipop hammers,

(Also the striped or wrapped ones)

And the electrifying color bombs!

They’re all special, but it’s time to stand up for your own fav!

👉️Vote and comment below why this special candy makes your mouth water- you’ll collect this sugarsweet badge:     

👉️ Up for more Candy Day celebrations? Find them all HERE!

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🍬 Candy Day: Vote and collect a sugarsweet badge! 147 votes

Wrapped Candy
CarlitaAlfonsoaautz1carmenechevarriaFencesrareklev8628FuturePast 7 votes
Striped Candy
aysel08MoosieMooArriettyMkimberlykoonkileypMisty85_ 6 votes
Lollipop Hammer
Sukanta_Biswaskiara_waeljeanpsDeepshikhaSharanbmkersey08PrettyBubbleslindarknightshade1066aijaziqbalbetchiegrl29Anahita_2005lelenspgreddycandyshafer223LlamaqueenGrumpy_Old_ManalezioDebonoChicaHexenbesen50KathyBella 21 votes
Swedish Fish
Nenikapakirustylittles 2 votes
Free Switch (Hand)
Werner_CichyBarry_Dean_ClarkScooterpiexcxm3ganxxxwbwDaniTheOG 6 votes
Color Bomb
johamiltonBeth_Mc_HughSabrinaMDiamond Limquad5bearwithmecandycrushinitmessenaboutBoybinaryBQN537encantesRobinCortepeggyvereenJoost_TheunisMarzia333MiladyRLoveDachsOrigins7_DaleheadoperationsPcj 54 votes
Coloring Candy
ElsaJessicaa_WelchYorben_GoereeEnergizerBunnySpinnifixtininha1975christine88gr33n3y3zsiti_payungEOTheGr8LaurenmlhBooksterlaleyPitty_KittySpieler_8675309istuffHavishwykoonMollySnamal_butt_01 35 votes
Other (specify which, please)
Peter_TornarosAndres-2Glenn1972YoscaNat09jojo75MountainMomteresawallace44AdavDieOmimiNix66AlienscarRacoon7dlovo313doncoyoteBlessed2BAbigailsmom 16 votes


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