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King's Original Website Royal Games is Closing 😢

Bookster Posts: 351 Level 3

Hi everyone, I wasn't sure where to put this so I hope it's okay that I am posting this here. I just wanted to let everyone know that King's old website Royal Games is closing on December 7, 2021.

In case anyone didn't know, Royal Games was the original King dot com website. When this website was created the parent company gave that old website the new name "Royal Games".

Royal Games was my first brush with many of the King Games that exist today. I played the original Candy Crush, Pet Rescue and Bubble Witch all at Royal Games first, before I started playing them here or on my mobile phone. Besides those classic King games the Royal Games website had maybe a hundred or more other fun games to play. You could also compete against other players to win jewels which you could then use to buy items to decorate a scene on your profile page. This was mine:

Last year when support for Flash was ending Royal Games converted a few of their more popular games to HTML 5 but many other games were not converted and disappeared from the website. I still visited the site at least once a week to play some of my favorite games that remained. When I logged on today however I saw this message:

It makes me sad to see Royal Games going away. I've been a member there since 2012 and had so much fun playing games there and decorating my castle on my profile page. Like I mentioned it was my first experience with the King games that I play now so I will always have fond memories of the place. There's no place for players like me to make a community post on that site however so I made this one here. Again I hope it's okay. I wanted to post somewhere and share my gratitude for all the fun times and memories I have had for Royal Games. And I wanted to thank King for giving me so many happy hours at Royal Games. My heart is broken that Royal Games is going away but I'm glad that King is still here. 😭💔



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