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Tiffi's Big Adventure-Part 1 (Old Story)

Warriorcatslover Posts: 186 Level 3
edited November 2021 in Discussions

Hello everyone! I have been inspired by @Elsa's stories and I wanted to create my own. Alright here I go.

One day Tiffi was walking in the forest near her home. She was enjoying the beautiful day when suddenly a scroll dropped down from a tree.

"What's this?" Tiffi wondered. She wanted to ask her some of her community friends, @Warriorcatslover, @Diamond Lim, and @Elsa for help but she decided to opened the scroll.

"It's a treasure map!" Tiffi exclaimed. Tiffi followed the treasure map's directions straight to a cave.

Now it's your turn to predict what happens next. Good luck!

Warriorcatslover 😻



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