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Getting in the mood for Christmas

ElsaElsa Posts: 34,907 Sweet Legend

What’s going on? Yeti is dressed up like Santa Claus. It’s snowing outside. Tiffi is on her skies but what is she holding? It looks like a bag of crushing candies and Yeti has a bag of crushing candies too. Where do you think they are going?

The King Community! That’s where they are heading. 

Are you asking why?

Because Christmas is just a few short weeks away and they want to help Santa spread the cheer. 

Are you ready?

You want to know what you should be ready for? I’ll tell you now………....  

Coming up in the next few weeks I will be posting a lot of history behind this end of the year holiday! I realize that not everyone celebrates this holiday and it’s not my holiday either. Maybe that’s why I feel this need to get carried away with all this history.

So, grab yourself a hot or cold drink, sit back and relax and enjoy. Please feel free to share at any time with any of the messages that I will be posting throughout the month.

If this message is getting you into the holiday mood, please feel free to post any gifs or memes related to this holiday.



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