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Badge suggestion 🃏🤔

DarDarW Posts: 1,272 Level 4

With a little help from @Spinnifix I hope I am now posting this community suggestion in the right place, if not I sure hope someone will redirect me again : )

I am obsessed with these little badges and want more lol...

Sooooo I won a helpful badge but don't know why... It would be so nice to click on my badge and it shows my last few posts that gave me that badge and if that is already something in place then it needs to be easier to find... : ) dardarw here just being a newbie still trying to navigate my way around and wanting more... 😁 thanks candy crush team for listening ♥️

Oh so my suggestion is...

Click on someone else's badge and it takes you to where you need to go to get one or it tell you it's to late

Click on your own badge see how you won it .... what do you all think 😁


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