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💥Badge of the Month - January 💥 (ended)



  • jeanps
    jeanps Posts: 25,311 Level 5

    A very old Aussie prank was to put prawn heads under the hubcap of a car....................

  • _Elsa_
    _Elsa_ Posts: 36,696 Sweet Legend

    Unfortunately, I've never been a prankster but I have had pranks played on me. When I was a teenager and working in an office my boss was a big prankster. He thought it was very funny the day that he put a rubber snake in my desk drawer and I screamed so loud when I opened it and the snake hit me in the face. He used to stuff the toes of my winter boots with different things and also my winter coat sleeves so that I was not able to put them on. He used to drive me to work every morning so as I was trying to grab the door handle to open the car door he'd move ahead a bit. After a couple of times I became wise to that prank and stood there with my arms crossed until he finished that prank. Maybe that's why I never pranked anyone since I was always on the receiving end.

  • Roan27
    Roan27 Posts: 516 Level 4

    Well, I was playing hide and seek and hid far far away when I was in elementary and noticed that my classmates were looking for me for half an hour and they were worried and another half an hour passed, I finally scare them with a surprising entrance and they were worried.

  • wbw
    wbw Posts: 248 Level 3

    I threw a fake spider in the shower when my husband was showering! It was hilarious! To me but not to him!!

  • JetKuil-Snaterse
    JetKuil-Snaterse Posts: 109 Level 3

    I prank my dog... pretending to throw a ball. (I do throw it after several miss-tries :D)

    He always falls for it.. day after day... and still loves it and loves me for doing it.

  • FarkasneKa2020
    FarkasneKa2020 Posts: 489 Level 3

    I could always joke about my dog:

    I lifted my palm to the sky quickly, and he just waited for something to fall

    the memory of living in my heart lived with me for 16 years, his name is “Fickó”

  • candyujwal
    candyujwal Posts: 2,414 Level 3

    I used to make pranks with my classmates by informing that Class Teacher may be late 🏃💨

  • Spieler_8675309
    Spieler_8675309 Posts: 4,308 Level 5

    Here's a bit more copying/pasting (oh, goodie):

    And if anyone wondered what the serial copycat (@wbw) wrote before the CM edit, here you go.

    quote (translated from Arabic):

    Hello @wykoon, I love it!

    When I was younger, I especially liked to have fun with my friends at school or during the holidays.

    Salt instead of sugar, sugar in bed; toothpaste under the door handle, and a few drops of laxative in a jug of water.

    I placed a plastic snake under my neighbor's ladder.

    Seeing this, he found a large knife to cut it; he had to stop to save the toy

    Rhetorical question forthcoming for you all (answer if you want):

    Would being inarticulate in any particular language be an excuse to copy/paste material (in a different language) from anyone/everyone else on a message board?!?

  • shukygee
    shukygee Posts: 4 Newbie

    I put a toy spider on my friend and she started running

  • aautz1
    aautz1 Posts: 1,588 Level 4

    My dad is terrified of niece and I put a realistic spider on the floor..when he saw it..he just started stomping it thinking it was was so funny

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