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💥Badge of the Month - January 💥 (ended)



  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 20,474 Pet Rescue Moderator

    My ex husband isn't a nice person and was a bully which came worse after we had our first child. Nothing I did was right and he said I didn't do anything to help myself. So after weeks of hearing that, I put something in his drink that he kept making me drink (for my health he said) and always upset my stomach (all perfectly normal and natural) as he couldn't understand why I wouldn't want to drink it.

    He was doing an early morning countryside paper round by car and he had to keep stopping and getting up close with nature and leaves to put it nicely.

    It didn't stop him being nasty...but he didn't make me drink the drink again.

    Now my brother and I would lock each other in our rooms when younger...using belt ties as our doors were next to each other.

    One day he went down and left me and when I was called for teatime, he told them I didn't want any. I was up there two hours before he let me out (and no I didn't get any tea either) he was a master prankster.

  • wykoon
    wykoon Posts: 12,566 Community Hub Moderator

    @NamTruong2001 @Werner_Cichy @Laurenmlh it's ok that you all are not a prankster like many of us do, as mentioned by our Diamond Lim, you can share with us the type of prank that you've seen others done, just to keep the badge 😆😊

  • MarnieLeigh
    MarnieLeigh Posts: 23 Level 2

    I threw a fake spider in the shower when my husband was showering! It was hilarious! To me but not to him!!

  • Moh1977
    Moh1977 Posts: 7,308 Level 5

    Hi @wykoon

    Thanks @Diamond Lim

    Happy birthday to all members of the community

    Best joke with a friend .

    When she told him to smell his palms Then I pushed hard in the face of my friend He told me I fell into the trap.

  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 6,182 Friends Moderator

    Every time I made pumpkin pie, one of my sons poked a hole in it as a prank on me. It became a holiday tradition, even when we had company.

  • theredrabbit
    theredrabbit Posts: 277 Level 3

    The best joke I remember they made to me was that when I was studying they would hide my notebooks and they would make me look for them 😁

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 117,324 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Wow I see so many players have answered the best pranks! So funny! Thank you for your answering on January Question! Everyone! 😂

  • Zee-2
    Zee-2 Posts: 24 Level 2

    No serious pranks, just hiding stuff and pretending it is lost especially Halloween candies from kids so they don’t eat all.

  • Laurenmlh
    Laurenmlh Posts: 1,177 Level 5

    @wykoon thanks!

    I was told of a prank that they wanted to do.... As seniors in high school there was a day where they played pranks... I was told a good one was to number three pigs (joys of living in the country) with ONE, TWO AND FOUR. They'd be looking for three that never existed 😂

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 2

    A fake knife to help open somethin' up! Haha!

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