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  • erica13345
    erica13345 Posts: 1 Newbie


    wonderful to see so much help. Still trying to figure everything out

  • jenniferhagenbuch48
    jenniferhagenbuch48 Posts: 21 Level 2

    Love candy crush saga! Multiple times per day I play and decided to join the kingdom for royalty specials and meeting candy crushers from all over the world! Thanks for being there throughout my journey with candy crush!!

  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    G'day @QueenB,

    Please bare with me I'm still learning navigation lol.

    I'm aware of ideas, discussions, support sections and have explored them, without realizing at first that each game has separate platforms for these. Clicking the "here" button highlighted by so many different people took me on a "tour" without realizing it.

    I've enjoyed my time so far here, met great and helpful people and had insightful conversations. Yesterday in the community was frustrating tho, not coz of the people but the layout of the platform itself. So I decided to go directly to and see where it officially took me lol back to basics lol

    That's where I found you :0)

    From king I clicked community and taken to game icon page. Pressed menu button and chose community. I then had 6 options: get started,players corner, win gold bars, game of the month, support and international corner. Easy right? no lol I think, on reflection, all my feedback will stem from this initial contact!!!!

    I clicked on support as all my research over the last week points to the @Community_Team being supervised by this division and it idicated for tech issues to click there. My options then were: mobile, computer, kindle/Amazon and general. So I clicked general. I don't have a device or game issue,so I thought, Yes! Here we go!

    Wrong again lol. Limited posts were here and no discussion option to start my question. Then I saw your post starting with Known Issue: it wasn't my topic but you were highlighted in pink,so I clicked on you thinking she's a CM and must be someone who supervises the support area,thats why you're there lol. It took me no where again lol

    So, I went back to the community hub/support/general issues (coz that's the natural step from where I started right, don't vear off the path lol) in the search bar I typed you and came here.

    Each game I play has its own community button and therefore takes me to a totally different home menu with different initial options. Some have a player's corner others a superstar corner. Yes I've checked the ideas corner but in the end can't get back to the thread topic I was on in the right game or have to go through heaps of posts unrelated to the topic (and the page bar can be a nightmare having to go individually until it let's you choose, if that's page 1, like seeing who the team is, well button 1can hardly be seen never mind tapped!) to see where it left off or read the response of the people in the conversation.

    So just from what I've said you can see this isnt a game or connection issue or general top. It's a navigation and layout system topic about observations and difficulties I've had manouvering around only the community hub.

    I've had discussions with @Spinnifix and some others (who are great and helpful by the way) and know they are taking actions and steps and discussions on this very topic. But I cant get back to them to talk about the things I see need fixing, even when they link me I spend so much time lugging through unrelated comments to get to theirs, or a bunch of people have been tagged and are just saying "yes got it thank you for the tag",that time goes by and my daughter reminds me I have a physical family to. And yet, upon coming back I have to go through the whole process again only starting from recent discussions or book marks I have to scroll thru. Nothing gets done this way.

    Can we just have one discussion in one place without having to constantly nicely remind people to either stay on topic and not just say hello but contributed encouraging for positive change?

    I didn't know what I was doing really but opened my 1st discusdion tilted Community Improvements -Heads Up just to find those who were likeminded and even tho @Sofia1992 Tried to help the blogs and links confused me.

    So sorry for writing so much, that's just my experience so far at TRYING to provide the feedback asked for and being an active member lol I haven't even really touched on the actual things I wanted to. Again, I did post a little list, somewhere on one of the idea pages i think) about a new layout and manual suggestions, which @Spinnifix Saw and commented on but I couldn't find that or even her comment again :0(

    Sorry if I'm an over zealous newbie 😇😕😅

    I'm going to set up my computer now so I can swap to that in case devices make a difference

    Have a communitylisous day :0)

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 24,672 Sweet Legend

    Hi there!

    I only read part of it and that told me that there are other issues here that need to be addressed. I'll open a 3-person chat with you. One could then be moved to my action and we can also discuss it better with the CM. Thank you for that. Yes, a lot has to change here!

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 24,672 Sweet Legend

    I was in the tablet recently and it's a big difference to the PC. The PC runs smoothly. The tablet freezes. I can't always use it the way I want to. Everything is bigger and clearer on the PC. You can see a lot without scrolling. Another factor for the pc. I like to do this community on the PC and it's much better !!!

    I only use Google Chrome because of the translation.

  • SBH
    SBH Posts: 69,476 Level 5

    I found you spooky mummy card. Happy Halloween 🎃

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Newbie

    I found the spooky Mummy Card

  • BubbleGumSoda
    BubbleGumSoda Posts: 4,891 Level 5

    I found the spooky mummy card 🎃

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