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Come get yourself a custom avatar for your community/in-game profile!

EOTheGr8 Posts: 3,538 Level 5
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Hello everyone!

I’ve been working on a new project this past week, and it’s finally time I share it with all of you: I am now making custom avatars (profile pictures) for your King Community and/or In-game profile! 🤩😁

Below are some pre-made community avatars that I’ve created: ⤵️

And here are some pre-made in-game avatars that I’ve created: ⤵️

🍁❄️🌸☀️ I’m also doing holiday/seasonal avatars for special occasions! ⤵️

I’m sure you’ve guessed it already, but if you haven’t, “[NAME]” is gonna be replaced with your username, so that way your avatar is fully customized to you, but if you don’t want it, I won’t add it.

But wait! The party is just getting started! 😉⤵️

Q: “You’ve created a signature/Animated Signature for me before. Can you make my avatar(s) match with the signature you made me?”

A: Yes! I can make your avatar(s) match with your signature/Animated Signature, but your avatar won’t be animated. Same thing applies for your in-game avatar.

Q: “I already have a signature, but it wasn’t created by you. Can you still make my avatar(s) match my signature?”

A: Yes! I’ll match your avatar with whatever signature you have, even if I didn’t create it. Same thing applies for your in-game avatar.

Q: “What if I want more than one character in my avatar?”

A: Depending on the characters you choose, I recommend only 2 characters so your avatar isn’t crammed with all these characters because your avatar(s) will look pretty unorganized and sloppy. If you choose this option, I recommend something like this: ⤵️

Q: “What if I want my cartoon-self in my avatar? Is that possible?”

A: Yes it sure is! Install this wonderful app called Bitmoji on your device, then create your character. I’ll then give you the rest of the steps in PM if this is the option you choose. Here is a Bitmoji avatar example with my Bitmoji character: ⤵️

Q: “What if I want more than 1 game theme in my avatar?”

A: Yes I can do that, but like I said above, I don’t wanna cram your avatar and make it look unorganized, so probably 2 different games. Up to you though!

Pretty cool huh? Well if you’d like me to make you an avatar, please send me a PM so we can get it done! 😉

Please note: The border color, the name color, the character, and the game theme will be fully customizable to your liking. Also, I made an update with where I’m gonna put my credit on these avatars. Check HERE!

Please also keep in mind that you must be community level 5 to use a custom avatar, but I’ll make you one even if you’re not quite there yet so that way you’re ready for when you reach level 5. 😊

Before I go, I wanna thank @Elsa! Even though she teaches me animation and not this kind of stuff, I still wanna thank her because she helped me with this project by providing me with feedback on what I can change and improve with these avatars, and if it wasn’t for her, these avatars wouldn’t be looking as good as they do now. So thank you very much my dear friend! 😃❤️



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