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Match the Sound 🎵 with the Picture 🖼️ (ENDED)

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Hello everyone,

In conjunction with the music fest month, here is another audio challenge for you. It's time to turn on or turn up 🎧 those beautiful sound/music in your game and familiarise the tune because whoever match each sound with the image correctly will win some 💰💰.

Here are the 🔊...

Here are the images...





✴️How to participate❓

  1. Listen to each sound carefully.
  2. Match a sound with the respective game as per the image above, which you think the sound belongs to.
  3. Post your answer using the spoiler feature ⤵ to hide your answer and keep the fun going.

✴️ As for the prize, five (5) participants among those who have answered correctly will be randomly chosen as the winner of 20GB for their choice of King's game (except COTR).

🤫Psst... one of the image do not belong to any of the sound.

Always read the House Rules before posting and keep your comment short and sweet.

The challenge will close on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 at 17:00 CESTTerms and conditions apply.

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