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Guess and Win 💰

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Greetings to my fellow gamers!

In the last few weeks, I've resumed playing Pet Rescue Saga and finally reached the first thousand milestone. Some of the levels were easy to pass whilst some weren't and I'm curious as to how well my fellow Mods play this game.

So I've invited the expert herself, @Lynette (Pet Rescue Mod) and @Lady_Choo (Farm Heroes Mod) to replay a super hard Pet level, level 153 to find out who will score higher than the other.

Below are their results.

1️⃣ : Lynette's scores (xx110)

2️⃣ : Lady_Choo's scores (xx380)

Guess who has the highest scores? Lynette or Lady_Choo?

💡 Some hints to help you guess💡

  • Both scores have 5 digits but it was below 20,000.
  • None of them used additional boosters except for the in-game boosters.
  • Both of them do not have the advertisement feature for extra moves/free boosters.

Post your answer by inserting their Community name without the "@" symbol. You may use spoiler to hide your answer but it is optional.

Five (5) participants among those who have answered correctly will be randomly chosen as the winner of 20GB for their choice of King's game (except Crash On The Run).

This contest will end on Friday, 30 September 2022, 17:00 CEST.

Late entries would be disqualified. Terms and Conditions apply.

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