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Help with getting friends back

deerlady Posts: 4 Newbie

They took all my gifts + friends!! To all my friends - Please add me back ! New friends welcome too 😃


  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 139,156 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Hello there and Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👋😊

    Don't worry! You can click here to read my answer to follow these steps of add more friends that we hope you can send and receive lives with friends on the game. 😊

    If you ask and play Candy Crush Saga, you can also add and find more friends on this game :

    👱🔄👩 Invite friends to your game - New way of connecting with other players in the game here!

    Need friends for Candy Crush Saga? Post your Friend Link here! 😊

    Player Card! New Candy feature in the making. Let us know what you think here!

    Find most common issues and FAQ:s in Support Area here and in Help Center here!

    And please select your game area here then click on Support Area and finally you ask a question about game then waiting for their answer and help you faster and better. 😉

    Have a nice and safety day! ❤️😊

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