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Behind the scenes! (Part 1)

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Not too long ago @PrettyBubbles posted 📚 What an achievement 📑 here in the Player’s Corner. Yes it was a proud moment for me to be acknowledged for my 100+ stories posted here in the community. Thank you @PrettyBubbles! Thank you dear players for reading my stories and making them a success here in the community. Several people have asked me if I’m going to publish them and I am looking into this now.  

The best compliments that I have received here in the community is players telling me that their spouse also enjoys reading them too. One player wrote that her husband loves my stories so much that he reads them to their daughter every night as a bed time story. Another player recently wrote in the achievement message that their son found my Christmas story on the King website and he really loved reading about the characters. Thank you so very much for sharing these family stories with me. 

So, back to the reason for this message I went to this morning to see how his son found my Christmas story and ended up spending a couple of hours looking up their jobs. Below is a video that I would like to share with all of you here. Look at how awesome the Barcelona office is! I wish I had Genie Jellybeanie with me right now. I’d ask him to grand me a wish to visit them in Barcelona.

My second wish that I'd like him to grant for me is to visit the Stockholm office.

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