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🥳😩The morning after 😂

PrettyBubbles Posts: 24,751 Bubble Witch Moderator

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Hi guys what a fab party and a great turn out just what we needed 💃🕺Let's all say a big thank you to our party organiser @Elsa for spreading the love 💓👏👏

Did you all have fun 🥳

But has the morning after been kind to you 🌝 or are you, well, not realy with it 😩 shall we say

Me I just need a little more time to focus

Where as @Elsa is fine chilling on the sofa eating chocolate and watching chopped

What about you? Tell us what was your best part of the party 🤼‍♀️

Post your pic,gif or meme but remember our youngster will also see them 👶

O one last thing




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