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Honey Harvest-Opting-out Option Please

Eggcracker Posts: 272 Level 3
edited April 2021 in Discussions

For many reasons I've left my level in the 3000s, and started again from scratch. 🙄

In order to build up my bean stocks I'm taking great advantage of the Bonnie Trail, with all the helpers I get the easier it is to pass, getting 250 beans each time, so far so good.

What I feel bad about is for the last 2 Harvests I've collected so many honeypots, no one else on the team is in with a chance. The only way I can stop this is not to play, but it would be a great help if I could opt-out for a while.

I really don't care about winning badges or kudos, beans tractors and 'dogs' will do for me, thank you very much 😊


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