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Can you solve Math Challenge Puzzle Games? ❓🔢

Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 58,444 Diamond Diaries Moderator
edited June 11 in Players' Corner

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Hello King Community Crew! 👋

On last month, I give my Word Search Puzzle Games Fun Discussion here. 😄

On today, I give you another puzzle game is Maths Challenge! 🔠😉 (Haha! It's my another favourite puzzle game again! 😄)

Wow! I see mostly of Game Moderator (Superstars) and Community Team give Math Challenge Contests and Fun Discussions around King Community! 😮

Oh! Yes! Some players love playing Maths Challenge but some players hate playing it as they really hate Mathematics or think this challenge is so very challenging.

Don't be worried! I will give you these puzzle games first then let me answer how to solve Maths Challenge later! It's just for fun only! Don't need afraid to challenge, everyone! 😊


💀 Hard 💀

🔥☠️ Super Hard ☠️🔥

You don't need to use spoiler feature, you just answer these three puzzle games as it's just for fun! 😉

After answering these questions, you can check answers here! 😉

** Psst..! It's not contest, just for fun! 😄 **

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