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Are you getting ready for the Winter Olympics?

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The Info Queen is back!

Let's start the new year off with some new history.  On February 4th, 2022 the Winter Olympics will begin in Beijing, China. This event is so world-wide with all countries participating and it really is amazing to watch all countries compete for the gold, silver and bronze medals. 

Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting several history articles on this event leading up to the opening ceremonies (e.g. history of the Olympics games, history of the Olympic Flag, history of the Olympic Medals, etc). 

At any time, please feel free to join in with your comments and/or images relating to the many sports events that will take place from February 4th – 20th.

So, are you getting ready for the Winter Olympics? This is the best time when you can support your country's team! Please vote below and in your comments, please share with us your favorite Winter Olympic Sport.

Are you getting ready for the Winter Olympics? 45 votes

Yes, I am really looking forward to seeing this and being able to support my country
_Elsa_Peanut7139Nat09aautz1christine88bmkersey08MiladyRMountainMom[Deleted User]betchiegrl29FarkasneKa2020rebelchildfabkendaozMoh1977rareDanielProGamerRacoon7gamepowerrustylittles 25 votes
No, my work schedule is too busy, but will stop in here and will definitely be supporting my country
Andres-2Diamond_Limkdemello101086NenikapakiDieOmiminamal_butt_01Princess_JessicagreddycandyNadia1770Angel_NatashaMauwiee 11 votes
It's not my thing
[Deleted User]SpinnifixwykooncarmenechevarriaShilviya18GumyupawpawCassD[Deleted User]DarDarW 9 votes


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