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Hello again everyone

hechicerilla Posts: 10,353 Legend

Hello Hello hello!!! 👋

A cordial greeting to all, to my dear friends of the Community, known and unknown. I've been here for two years, although he had an absence of 7 months.

I'm going to try to dedicate some of my little time to continue helping, I'll try to have fun with all of you again. It's a shame that in my absence they closed the international area, I loved working there.

The King Community has changed a lot since the first time I visited it. Our "walls" ceased to exist, many of you will not even have known them; it was our activity page, there we published our things, as in a social network. They were removed because some people were harassed, insulted, or treated poorly on those walls. Private messages have also disappeared, surely for the same reason, all these childish things gave the C.M. a lot of work. Now, after being away for so long, I feel more lost than the first time I entered 😩

This is not a criticism or an attack on the managers of this wonderful Community, I always wanted to help all the managers and players, and improve this Community; They are just questions and opinions that come to my head.

What is the purpose of this Community?

With so many things closed and canceled, I feel like when politicians ban something instead of attacking the problem with effective measures. For example, here in Spain we have had a problem for years, many people have no social conscience and throw rubbish everywhere, have a picnic and leave all the rubbish on the ground, go to a concert and do the same thing, one day the beach and leave everything dirty... and what do the authorities do? They forbid picnics, hire reinforcements to clean beaches and concerts, and on the television news they tell us about it as if it were a game, as if they had to set a record for tons of garbage collected.

Wouldn't it be more effective and coherent to punish those heartless people? Why do they make us all pay the price? I see no sense in it and it seems unfair to me.


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