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Which of these options would you prefer when you're stuck in a level?

FluffyDinosaur Posts: 2,310 Community Manager
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In May 2022 all of King gathered and brainstormed ideas on fun, new ways to make all of our games even more enjoyable. Now, we want to hear what you think of these ideas!

Please vote in the poll down below on which of these options you would prefer if you got stuck on a level in any King game. Feel free to comment and add an explanation of why you prefer this idea.

Which of these options would you prefer when you're stuck in a level? 731 votes

Play another King game to earn rewards also valuable in the game you're stuck
Haleakalaolababegisalyvicooaldenkerlaresszy01LadyGaivmanzTitqnicmoraima1971UnjandinilicmariBuffaloGal57affenLilleKraakePazcarolina0618KatieBRNkitty303Cary_ZHinalipatil123456789Amanbk 52 votes
Receive help from a friend to beat the level
SabrinaMtsaytdsDeryckFaRayharandyclarkpDaddysGurlbmkersey08ddkk1987Patradcandy_madmurilo1MollekeLynFishbuckieDeking3196Haim_1sunilnairGranny_NuggsJHFreshwaterBirdie53 103 votes
A mini side quest with rewards to help you pass the level
Lady_Choo_Elsa_cookiemaeTeresa-4Iuliana_CeausoiuMarcemarce22Nada_ZoreNailaAndres-2Stefan_BTweetPeanut7139Tiny_VickersRandy_WrightCharles_GeneralDiamond_LimPing_2_2Andy_GreenMEMpHIS901noshad 209 votes
A mini game to win boosters for the level you are stuck on
nsshawaii_Julie_AndrewsMistress_MeadLaura_GrosvenorAkumaXXMichele_P.Casey965ThmoLorena_PuntelSheryl_ThompsonAlie_de_MunnikPat_ChouliMarja1946Patty_DiCastroJennifer_WheelerbigfishbearwithmeKitty67Littlered54Bassin12 367 votes


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