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Member of the Month - July 2019 - SeraphicStar

QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 11,810 Community Manager
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For the month of June our Community Managers and Superstars have selected... [puts on reading glasses and pulls the envelope string while the audience holds the breath]...  


🌟✨ Congratulations!! 🏆🥇🤗

But also big thank you from all of us for making the Community such an amazing place 🙏 You're always happy to share your opinions, help others and have fun with other members and we really appreciate and value that so on behalf of the whole CM Team: THANK YOU

@SeraphicStar, you have been awarded the very exclusive Member of the Month badge, a permanent entry in the Community Hall of Fame and 200 Gold bars to your favourite game, use them wisely 😉


🎤 As usual, we've given the mic to our Member of the Month so if you want to hear more about @SeraphicStar check below! 

"Hello everyone, SeraphicStar here, and WOW I'm greatly honored to have been chosen as July's Member of the Month! You may have seen me around here and there in off-topic threads, support threads, and some idea threads as well. I'm just trying to do my part to make this Community better, and have fun with you all at the same time!"

CMs: Which of King's games are you currently playing and what do you like about them? Which one is your fav?

The King games I’m playing consistently currently are Candy Crush Friends exclusively! I have tried a few of the other king games (Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch 2 and BW3, Diamond Diaries, and Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga), but Candy Crush Friends is truly my favorite of them all! 😍

I like Candy Crush Friends the best because I enjoy all the characters and costumes you can choose from! I like how it makes playing the levels different depending on your use of the different characters! (Plus I enjoy their silly dances when you win a level! 😁)

What's your best memory with King games? And on the Community?

My best memory of King games? It is hard to choose just one! 😳

I would have to say when I unlocked the limited time Olivia and Bubblegum Troll (with his King outfit of course! 😄), and received the Tiffy the Soccer Player costume was epic! Also when I reached the final available level on CCFS mobile for the first time! 😍

As for my best memory within the community I also can't pick just one! 😯

I loved this Community from the moment I first joined it as many of you (who are now superstars and well deserved! 😁) welcomed me warmly here! 😍

I also was very happy the first time I was able to help another member successfully with their problem in CCFS as I was finally able to add my part to the community. I just enjoy having fun and helping others here so much! 😍

(Sorry if that was a TLDR moment, but I hope you enjoyed reading it! 😉)

Do you have any expectations from the Community?

My only expectations from this Community is to keep being friendly, encouraging, and helpful to one another as that's what made me fall in love with this Community in the first place! Keep being awesome everyone! 😆

What do you like the most about our Community?

What I like most about the community is the people! After all isn't that what makes a community what it is? 😆  Also I love all the fun events that our dear @QueenMia hosts (and now all these Superstar events too it's getting crazy around here! 😁)

If you could change anything about King (games, community, etc), what would it be?

Hmm, changing something in this Community that's a pretty tough question... As I enjoy it so much here I'm hard-pressed to come up with any spectacular ideas on how to make it better than it is! However, I suppose there is one thing I might like to see added (this is kinda already happening but...) is maybe more interaction between those who work on the game and us community goers 😯

I just love to hear more about how the people behind the scenes decide on stuff with the game (Level difficulty etc. ), or how they make the characters so lovable and cheery! 😆

How did you find about the Community?

 Um I found out about the community actually when I was searching the internet. I told myself one day “I bet theres a forum, or community of people out there who I can talk to about this game (CCFS)... 🤔”

Sure enough the Google Search I tried pointed me here, and that's how I found this lovely community! 😆

Anything else you'd like to share?

I just want you all to know I enjoy my time on here greatly, and you all make this place the enjoyable and happy place it is! 🤗

Thanks, @SeraphicStarand well done again!           

Join us to congratulate our Star! 


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