(FINISHED) Check this out, Blossom, Pyramid, Shuffle Cats, Scrubby Dubby and Pepper players!

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Who's the King of the Word Unscramblers?

Do you play Blossom Blast Saga, Shuffle Cats, Diamond Digger Saga, Pepper Panic, Pyramid Solitaire Saga or Scrubby Dubby Saga? Are you able to unscramble these kingly exclamations and tell us which game they belong to? 

Please just unscramble 1 exclamation a day and write down the name of the game you think you've seen them in. We'll give 5 Gold Bars per right answer to the first one to mention each of them. Please let me also know what game you want the Gold Bars to be added to!
1.- wemsoAe mlsBoso  guessed! 

2.- Big modaDins  guessed!

3.- uoAutnservd! guessed!

4.- ehT atC's jPmaysa guessed!

5.- omtSoh eRid! guessed!

6.- ainCh cinteRao guessed

Here are new words to unscramble:

7.-  nlmaigF guessed!

8.-  aaPaow guessed!

9.- weorlF orPew guessed!

oYu’er no fier guessed!

  gigD-ooH guessed!

12.- aknSwy

13.- iconhaarP guessed!

14.- rshFe guessed!

15.- otH guessed!

16.- llvyoe guessed!

17.- ooWWo guessed!

18.- Mgea edlM guessed!

19.- eElag yeE guessed!

20.- zyRti guessed!

21.- Spao rtSa guessed!

22.- cfiinteMgan guessed!

23.- tyNfi guessed!

24.- atfueBiul guessed!

25.- citFsaaotm guessed!

26.- iceN guessed!

27.- ppPeer aPcin guessed!

28.- Wlle dyelaP guessed!

29.-Sduspreu guessed!

30.- aicgM oeMvs guessed!

I've added some words that are present in the games, but not as exclamations (maybe boosters, maybe names of the characters, etc):

31.- buy'sR Reschi guessed!

32.- pTo atsC guessed!

33.- baraSc guessed!

34.- mmMyu drCa guessed!

35.- iBg duB guessed!

36.- lhoveS guessed!

37.- yflFeri guessed! 

38.- i
Tki ocTki ceBah guessed!

39.- iy
Ll oPdn reanSede guessed!

40.- larMce guessed!

41.- Diayl ieaissD guessed!

42.- teWagnir aCn guessed!

43.- deWe guessed!

44.- keoN tCa guessed!

45.- fetcRel guessed!

46.- leHnae guessed!

47.- Wrelta's poshkroW guessed!

48.- zreeeF dsCar guessed!

49.- zzSingil Pppree guessed!

50.- lemFa werGor guessed!

51.- resaSp & resehC

52.- Spcrete fo rewoP guessed! 

53.- dilW draCs

54.- nnTelu

55.- Fere uroy Fdseinr

You have until Monday the 11th of November, at 13pm CET  to participate!
You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

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