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(FINISHED) 1 year Anniversary competition! 100 Gold Bars to win!

Crazy Cat Lad
Crazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,124 Community Manager
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What do you know about the Community and its first year live in cyber space?
Do you think you can figure out all the facts and numbers to summarize this first Community year?

We bet you can do this! Answer the following five questions by commenting below the five letters in each answer that you think are the correct ones and get the chance to win 100 Gold Bars and a special 1 Year Anniversary badge.

OK! Ready?
Let's start the quiz! 

1. So many laughs, LOL:s and giggles we have had the past year in the Community.  
Can you guess how much fun and how many hehe:s have been clicked during this first year in Community? 

A 13 000
B 21 000
C 42 000

2. More and more people find their way to the Community to find out more about their favourite games. 
How many players have joined the Community since it was launched a year ago?

A 5 500
B 55 000 
C 550 000

3. The Community is full of players that passionately love crushing candies, rescuing pets, harvesting cropsies etc. There is a small group of hardcore players. So called Superstars. They know everything about the games inside and out. 
How many Superstars has the Community had in total during the year? 

A 19
B 29
C 39

4. As you may have noticed, all Community members have a bunch of badges in their profiles. The badges give also points that can be used for different things.  
When you get to 25 000 amount of points, do you know what you will get then or what will happen ?

A 250 Gold Bars to the King game of your choice
B An exclusive box with King merchandise
C Design your own level together with a level designer in Candy Crush Saga 

5. Click and tap, read, click again... So many pages in Community that have been read, commented, liked and quoted. 
How many times have pages been viewed in total in the first year of King Community history?

A 400 000
B 4 000 000
40 000 000

That wasn't so hard? Or was it? If you can't figure out all questions, then take a guess! You can still win even though you guessed your way through the whole quiz.
Comment your answers right here below with the letters from each answer you think is correct! 

All players that get all five questions correct will win the special 1 Year Anniversary badge (check it out below) and also 100 Gold Bars to the game of your choice.

Sweet, Petriffic, Farmtastic and Bubblific, huh? 

You have until Monday 2 December 09:00 CET to participate and you'll find the Terms and Conditions here.

Don't have a Community account yet? 
Then join right away here!



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