(FINISHED) How many new words can you find?- Word dash!

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Hello Community crew!

It's time for another contest, don't you think? So let's have a Word Dash !

It works like this:

1.- We give you a word
2.-You try to form as many new words as you can with the letters of that word
3.- You can use each letter once (if the given word contains a letter twice, you can use it also twice) in every new word
 4.- Every comment with one new word will get 1 point, and the person who has the most points, will get 20 Gold Bars in the King game they prefer!

So, are you ready?

The first word is...

👉👉👉 P-Y-R-A-M-I-D  👈👈👈

You have until Monday the 23rd of December, at 13:00 CET  to participate!
You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

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