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An Expert's Guide to The King Community!

DeepshikhaSharanDeepshikhaSharan Posts: 2,677 Level 5
edited September 2021 in Players' Corner

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to "An Expert's Guide to King Community"


Hello dear New Bee,

We all wish that you LOVE The King Community! We also hope that you have a good time around the Forums! Spread the Sweetness!

Let's help you Get Started!

Here, you will all come to know about the Community in different Modules. Each Module for a Different Topic. It is a total of 13 Modules and you could learn a lot about the Community with these Modules.


Module 1 : What is The King Community?

Module 2 : First Steps

Module 3 : My Profile

Module 4 : Changing My Profile

Module 5 : Navigating through the Forums

Module 6 : Points, Badges and Ranks

Extra Module : The House Rules

Module 7 : Posting Discussions, Questions, Polls, Ideas and Comments

Module 7.1 : More on Making Posts

Please note that we only speak English in the community; however, we have anΒ International CornerΒ that has been set up for any French, Spanish, and German speaking players. If the link above doesn't work here it is : https://community.king.com/en/blog/categories/international-corner


There are certain competitions in the community running all time! You can see them here

There are certain special titles on the Community such as Ambassadors, Game Moderators and Community Managers(highest authority on the community). You can become an Ambassador or a Game Mod by helping others around the community!

If any House Rules are violated then Moderations may be uptaken. If you notice someone Violating a house rule, then report it to us by clicking on the "Flag" Button.

As you Learn and Grow on the Community, the features unlocked by you increase!



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