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Bomber7 Level 2


  • I didn’t remember what level I was before I changed my phone but the level stopped at 3560 and couldn’t go further? is that right?
  • Where’s that notorious 3rd diamond that’s been missing for 5 days? Can we get someone else to help?
  • It doesn’t matter how many moves it increase. That’s not the point :) we couldn’t pass even we have 300 moves left.
  • Lim, your message is always long and repeated :) just wondering are you able to respond with a rather shorter version instead of filling up with ad and not related information?
  • Don’t waste time and boosters. It won’t work until they fix it. I had 8 moves left after clearing out the first two, log out-in 4 times, RE-install the app. None of those worked.
  • It doesn’t work
  • Hi Lim No it doesn’t work.
  • Okay, I’ve read through all the comments, reload even delete then reinstall the app, that 3rd diamond still doesn’t drop! That’s stupid.

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