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David_Wolfson Level 2


  • As of this morning, the new episode had loaded for me. So I guess happy ending for all of us who have been waiting? But if anyone from King reads these: the lack of communication around this has been very frustrating. It wouldn't be so hard to post something on this forum saying "We're sorry for the delay, we'll have new…
  • Okay, this is bizarre—the app has updated, because the theme switched from winter to spring. (About time.) But still no new levels. Moderator? Any info on this?
  • The lack of response is kind of freaky. I've never posted on here and not gotten at least a reply from the admins. @Lady_Sarina, is this something we're not supposed to be talking about?
  • If it helps, I'm on an iPhone, iOS 14.7.1
  • Gotta be honest, I play the game mostly in spite of the characters (which manage to be both grotesque and infantile), not because of them. The changing map backgrounds are fun, but not essential. I like the side games, especially since they were changed to allow progressing through all five in a row. Because I'm often…
  • Those are the numbers they give the off-map repeats—I'm really on level 4656 or something like that!
  • @headoperations the issue is not that I'm getting the popup, but that the "Don't show this again" checkbox is not functioning. It's always been that if you checked that once, you wouldn't see the reminder popup no matter how many more times you attempted that level. That's the bug.
  • Well, here's the screenshot, but it looks the same as every other time. It just doesn't stick when you check the box.
  • After a recent upgrade, the Messages pane shows a badge with a number, but is always blank instead of showing life requests or lives given by other playess. The badge disappears after I open and close the pane, but then comes back every time I open the game. What's going on?
  • Ever since the most recent update, the messages pane shows a badge (as if a player has given me a life or requested a life), but when I open the pane, it is completely blank. What's going on?
  • Candy Crush Jelly Saga on iPhone 7, most recent iOS. I have finished level 2589, and the game stays with a dimmed screen on the map with the icon next to level 2590. Map animations are continuing. I have restarted the game and rebooted the phone, with no change in the situation. Help!!!
  • Hi David, thank you for posting. The team are currently monitoring this and requesting all feedback, so thank you for sharing, I am passing it on now :) Will you also pass on to the team, then, that this is no way to treat their players? To make a change like this without any kind of announcement or formal feedback channel…
  • Hi David, I am so sorry you have had to wait so long for a reply, Are you still needing help? It eventually became clear that you could in fact dismiss the Allen screen. It's a ridiculous PITA, but I've learned to live with it. Thanks anyway.
  • Hi David Wolfson, Thank you for posting this here on King Care. Your feedback is important to us and I appreciate it a lot that you chose our community site to do so. You should be able to click on the orange/white X when you receive the pop up. Kindest regards and have a great day, Tony - King Care Team Tony, I have…
  • You either connect your game to either Facebook or Kingdom and then your progress will be saved to a server. Does it take certain amount of time or something? I connected by email, then reinstalled and lost my progress.
  • Good news folks! Are you playing on iOS? Reinstall the app. Do you play on Android? Update to version 1.3.0 Add some spring to your winter! How do I keep from losing all of my completed levels if I reinstall?
  • Hi David, there is someone indeed! If you have any feedback, please do share it here and let us know, either myself or any of the other moderators pass game feedback to the Development team for their consideration whenever we see it. Thanks! A suggestion, then: when multiple people are having an issue, as I and many others…
  • This has been happening to me for several days now as well. I googled it, and discovered that this was done on purpose to Candy Crush Soda saga about three months ago. Players of that game objected as well. I couldn't find out whether it had ever been put back. But please—from me also—this is coming close to ruining the…
  • Tony, do you have a solution to my problem? That last answer contained no information. (Although I appreciate the wish to have a great Sunday, and hope you do too.)
  • I've just received an email that says King Care thinks Tony's answer solves my problem. No, it doesn't. Tony's answer says my problem doesn't exist, which is not true. It happened again today—Fishing With Friends popped up, I tapped on the orange X, and it went right ahead and entered me on a team anyway.

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