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Idaho_Biker Pro Player 👑


  • Finally got to 5000+ on a Super Hard Level
  • Wanted to see how to install a new image of myself in-game on Facebook, I had one but when I did a hard boot on this Smartphone it went away and I was left with my RL image. Wanted to use my Old Pogo Icon Image I use to use. Can you please send me a Walk Through?
  • I have a couple of people who I play with and they have a thumbnail under their Profile Picture that says and shows 'The Grand Trophy " but I can't find any information on it in FAQS?? What is it?? Is it an Award?? A ongoing tournament?? Something I can get in on??
  • I find it slow going on sinking Ships, it's a guessing game in finding the Opponent's Ships even with top rated teammates.I struggle for 2-3 Days to sink Ships. I see the Leader Boards showing 120+ sinking Ships and marvel at their Luck in achieving that amount!! Must have X-ray Vision to find those hidden Ships. How do…
  • @Pitty_Kitty I couldn't find the correlation between my Suggestion and this Post on Free play time?? I read several Comments and can't see the Link between My Subject on Batula and their Post on Free Play Time. Perhaps, I'm being to Dense, just can't find the Connection between My idea on Batula's Wonderball, and Free Play…
  • Here's a picture of a Large Cake just an idea completed by a Solo player on our team. Perhaps, if he'd do the little Cake - the Big One Solo he should get a Badge? Just an Idea 💡 Some Players spend several Gold Bars to make this happen!!
  • @Pitty_Kitty I wanted to bring you up to speed on my gaming experience, I felt like You didn't think I was versed in how to play a game that seems to be a spin-off of Battleships. I've played a lot of Chess also, and played in many Amateur Tournaments in the USA.... Up until recently I was Kinship Leader in a MMORPG called…
    in Myself Comment by Idaho_Biker May 2023
  • That's what I was talking about, My Games kept Freezing and Crashing, therefore I couldn't advance fast enough to get any more Cannon Shots. I use to play a lot of Battleships, Risk, Chess, so I'm well versed in the concept of the Game and this Event. I discussed this with fellow Teammates and it turned out they were…
  • @Pitty_Kitty didn't like My idea for getting a Badge for completing a Cake all by yourself?
  • For what it's worth I Vote in favor of the idea!! Take Me for instance I'm 68, Retired, Senior, Disabled, & have Responsibilities, & Obligations that requires attention outside the Game, I can't always come back to the Game in a timely manner. Therefore, it's Frustrating to come back and find out that I lost Batula…
  • I concur with You!! I've been added to players of higher levels, I'm in the bottom Level and 1st place is many levels ahead of me, like as much as 100 levels in the Contest HOW do You compete with that??
  • We have 4 Players who could See 👀 the Cakes, and the rest of the Team got the Bakery Will Be Open Soon message. Those Teammates finished the Cakes, but We didn't get enough points to Level Up, of course The Team is already at Tier Level 20. With the other Players NOT making Points We're never going to achieve level 20…
  • I'm having a problem: I have 3 Ships sunk, and 1 that has a Red Flag hit, it's been over 12 hours and nothing has happened to get that Last Ship sunk (1 Flag), what can I do??? Kinda hard to move up in the tournament if you're not sinking Ships, Right?
  • One of my team-mates did this one..... wanted to show what I'm talking about.
  • You would think 🤔 there would be more Comments on this??
  • We get all sorts of messages about the Bakery 🥯🧁🍰🎂but it's still Closed, We completed All the Cakes, and ran out of points, We are at Level 20?? Is anyone going to make up some more Levels??? Need to develop some better ways of getting points, kinda got stuck at 475 on a 825 point Level and no way to get more points???…
  • Ahoy Matey Swashbuckler Biker At Your Service, benonce my Number is: 7135026201 🏴‍☠️🪙🪙🪙🪙🪙🪙🪙🪙🪙🪙💰💰 Paid Me Fees, Bucko
  • Boise, Idaho in the United States of America 🇺🇲
  • This was a tough level to get this Million+ but finally made it. Ultra-Hard it was..... 😎
  • WOW, 😮 I'm a PRO-Player, HOORAH 😎 @ least I'm finally someone worth paying attention to 🤣😂🤣😂

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