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Snow7501 Level 2


  • 13 Times! That’s cool! and… after half an hour refreshing the search bar… I finally found you guys!!! I am going to cancel my post from earlier and will play with you! Thank you!
  • Oh really? Then perhaps I’ll try again. I’d rather join an active team than start my own. And there’s still some availability for additional players?
  • Hi dear community ! So I’m Nath and I’ve been playing for quite a while now, getting close to level 3000. I play daily, several times a day and each time I have lives ready. i got tired of being in a team in which people don’t play, or barely do. I tried to join random teams but can’t find any with active players. I also…
  • Hi there! can I have my badge for 2000 please? 😁
  • Hi there my name is Nath and I’m an active player from France. Been playing for quite a while now though I took a several months break last year. cheers to the community !
  • The cookie challenge has now disappeared from the game.. i tried to log out and back in, etc, but it’s really gone
  • Hi @PummyRaj Thank you for your reply! My ID is 1038814426. Here are two more screenshots before and after I passed the seventh cookie level since the beginning of the challenge. I guess all these are lost anyway in the progress and we won’t get the rewards? That’s kind of frustrating but that’s what it is. Like I said, I…
  • I finally managed to add a picture after I completed yet another cookie level and the counter still doesn’t add up. @PummyRaj
  • Hello @PummyRaj thank you for your reply! To answer your questions: 1) iPhone X with up to date iOS. 2) 1.39.4 3) I tried to put pictures earlier but the forum won’t let me. 4) yes I tried all these but no change so far 5) can you please me know how I can do this? Thank you!
  • Anyone else having this issue? i keep passing cookie levels and they still don’t register...
  • Without surprise, I completed the fifth cookie level and the counter is still at 0. I wish I could post screenshots but the forum won’t let me 😕 Hopefully you guys can fix this.
  • Hi there! i have the same issue. I’ve already completed four cookie levels and none have registered. I also had a similar issue last week with Dachs delivery challenge where I didn’t receive the bonus twice, so much so that I even gave up on doing more because what’s the point if we’re not going to get the rewards...…

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