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  • hudus
    hudus Posts: 528 Level 3

    Anyone wanna join our team type "Play and Win" in search bar or if its not working for you type only "and Win" into search bar then try couple of times to find our team on search list.

    We welcome all active players there are still some spots left.

    Join for a friendly active team.

  • jeneaharmon
    jeneaharmon Posts: 4 Newbie

    I finally passed 1000

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 25,105 Friends Moderator

    Hi @jeneaharmon welcome to our community. It seems to me that you got a bit lost. If you want to claim your milestone badge, follow the green font and copy your card there: level 1000.

    Have a nice day.

  • Kerrie
    Kerrie Posts: 1,095 Level 4

    Hi @hudus what search bar and where is it?

    @DieOmimi I reinstalled Friends after being away around two years and things have changed or I've forgotten everything! I started a team then and it still has 5 other players on it. What is kick? I looked around but couldn't find anything on it. I'm active in Candy Crush community and I need to get used to everything here again.

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 25,105 Friends Moderator
    edited November 2022

    Hi @Kerrie I'm very happy that you rediscovered our sweet game and installed it on your device.

    In the team function, a leader can kick a player / kick him out of the team. Team leaders usually do this when they notice that a player is inactive and not performing as a team. For this you use the button "Kick".

    5 players in a team is not much. The maximum capacity is 20 players. 

    I don't know how active your 5 players are and if you've been watching them lately. The purpose of the team function is to perform tasks for Dach's delivery service so that all team members receive as many boosters as possible.

    Dach's delivery service will return to the game tomorrow. The more active team members you have, the faster a badger delivery is completed and you get all time boosters and lollipops.

    By the way, we also have badges for deliveries of Dachs. 

  • Kerrie
    Kerrie Posts: 1,095 Level 4

    Thanks @DieOmimi where does a person search for a team if I want to join one?

    What happens to my team if I leave?

    If I'm looking for teammates I ask players to join right here? My team name is Hockey=Sisu and I'm on 4843 right now if anyone would like to join.

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 25,105 Friends Moderator

    @Kerrie, you can only search for a team if you are not yet a member of a team. Once you are in a team, you would have to leave it and get the search function for a team.

    When you leave your team, the system appoints a new team leader. It will be the player who is furthest on the map.

    If you're looking for teammates for your existing team, you can do it here in this thread. Preferably with a screenshot showing the name of the team. On page 35 of this thread is from November 4 such an example.

  • Kerrie
    Kerrie Posts: 1,095 Level 4

    🤣That's why I couldn't figure out where the search bar was!🤣

    Thank you again @DieOmimi I appreciate your help.🥰

  • hudus
    hudus Posts: 528 Level 3


    Wanna join our team Kerrie?

    Just type "and Win" into search bar try a few times maybe dozen time and you will see our team "Play and Win" We are an active team.

  • Snow7501
    Snow7501 Posts: 12 Level 2

    Hi dear community !

    So I’m Nath and I’ve been playing for quite a while now, getting close to level 3000. I play daily, several times a day and each time I have lives ready.

    i got tired of being in a team in which people don’t play, or barely do. I tried to join random teams but can’t find any with active players. I also tried to join the team from above (Play and Win) but the search bar won’t find it so I decided to try and create my own team.

    I really hope to find active players to fill as many Zach’s deliveries as possible. Feel free to join me and build this new team.

    the name is Black Moon and here’s a screenshot:

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