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VasekZlin Level 2


  • Frustration continuing!
  • This player occupied this field more than 20 hours, time zone is bad answer!
  • Hi Pretty, sorry, but you heavent true. If you occupied field, you have time 1 hour for solving. If you not want play field, you dont occuied any field. Time zone is not relevant answer. But, I understand, why you not solving this problem. You want money for players for prize, which I can win here gratis. It is clear. Im…
  • Hi Pretty, after 3 hours. I did two green feld immediately and just now I have to wait 21 hours! Nice rules :-)
  • Hi Pretty, I hope, that you solve this crazy situation, that Im in a trap. I prepare two good way, but defence people stoped both way. Just now In waiting 48 hours and next 24 hours will I wait again. You have to change it, not write me, that you cant change NOTHING. It is not helpful for your best player on android (level…
  • Hi Kim, next round and again Im waiting 22 hours
  • Hi Kim, no problem, In waiting 22 hours :-)
  • Hi Kim, I belive you, that you will help fair players 👍
  • Hi, ok, I can test your beta version with same good players. Im in level 3264. You can see here, always are same destroyed players.
  • Hi, I dont know, who is it..., sorry. But always I have to wait 24 hours. A lot of people are angry because somebody confirm same field and not finish it. You can change, me not!
  • I wrote you more than half a year to change destroyed players, which ocupied same green field and you not doing IT !!! You promised me to change it, but NOTHING! Again Im waiting for 24 hours to manager another field instead of this one! If you confirmed this field you have to finish it during max. 30 min, max. 60min. Not…
  • How many hours I will waiting for doing? Of course, 24 hours...., still without changes?
  • Hi, funny story is continuing....😂😂😂
  • Hi, only for fun 😂😂😂
  • Hi, you promised me to make new update regarding stupid players, who destroyed our game and blocked one flower more than 24 hours. So, when???
  • Hi QueenB, Only for you send you next picture to not forget in near update your promise to solve this your mistake. I mean to make max. one hour to make one green field. No more please. This extra game is for us, for your players, VERY VERY important!
  • How many hours I have to wait for flower free? Still 24 hours???
  • Hi, typically continue, see my picture. I have one posibility to make one flower, but both flowers are bloked more hours from others... Im very sad...
  • Hi, thank you for your comment and I hope, that you think something better. For your decision see my next picture. Mr. Jaanus blocked it for 24 hours! Me and Andrea have to wait, because Jaanus blocked us for all your periode. If you autimatically free flowers after same time (e.g. one hour), it will be good and helpfull…
  • Hi Kim, I know, it is extra future, but the same is e.g. clima in the car. It isnt standard equipment, but, do you buy car without clima? Of course, not... You need it... 😉 The same is this game, standard playing and extra bonuses. I know, that more people is crazy from "Lazy players", which destroy this good game. But, I…

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