Load Blossom Blast, get orange screen. NO GAME

D_CummingsD_Cummings Posts: 1
Load Blossom Blast, get orange screen. Have tried rebooting, etc. no success - FRUSTRATED... Have tried rebooting, etc. - did not uninstall / reinstall as i did not want to lose ground.... Is there a 'fix' or am I done?


  • NYgirlNYgirl Posts: 7
    I am having the same problem, except mine started in late December. Tried the same things are D and still can't play. Please advise as to how to get my game back.
    I sent an e mail to King, only received an automated response to post here.....
  • NYgirlNYgirl Posts: 7
    so, tried the suggestions, lost all my progress and bonuses..... all 50 gold bars, all the shovels, I think I had over 60, and all the watering cans, about 5..... was still trying to regain everything from the last time this happened to me a few months ago, this is sooooo frustrating. Tried to link my game to King and received an "unknown error has occurred", so now can't do that either. Is there anyone from King who actually reads these posts and helps??????
  • JustPlayingJustPlaying Posts: 3,585 Superstar
    Hi @NYgirl The issue that was happening in December had been resolved. Did you try reinstalling with the latest version of the game? What is the device you are using? Please look try this troubleshooting:



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