How Do You Play Blossom Blast Saga?

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Budding digital gardeners from across the globe, await no longer! Blossom Blast Saga is here. The adventures of the precocious Bumblebee, Blossom, and her beautiful garden is one fraught with challenges and obstacles that only your seasoned green thumb can tackle.

We can’t let you go out there unprepared though, no. The garden can be a scary place, there are knotted weeds, glass and the odd mole hole to contend with. So, we want to drop some knowledge on you and make sure you roll into Blossom Blast Saga a 'gardening guru', glowing from all the flower power you possess within.

If you’ve played Candy Crush Saga or Farm Heroes Saga, you may find this game a little unfamiliar; whereas in those games you match things by swiping them into different positions, in Blossom Blast Saga you link flowers in long chains to make them bloom.

There are four different types: water lilies, roses, sunflowers, and crocuses.

Each time a nearby flower blooms, the ones next to it advance a level.  The goal is to get enough matured flowers adjacent to each other and they will start activating each other until a large part of the board is cleared.  Then new flowers  will fall into place on the board.  Your goal in each stage is to clear certain big buds, remove the weeds from the board, or hit a certain score.

you have to link three or more buds of the same color to make them grow. Once they reach a certain size, they will bloom causing the flowers around them to grow too.

If you link enough buds together, you can even create a Super Bloom, which will cause all the buds around to explode into a flower burst.

Creating a link is very easy to do, simply swipe along the screen over the flowers that you want to match. When you let go of the screen, if your link is valid, the flowers bloom.

You can link in any direction as long as the next flower in the chain is adjacent to the previous flower.

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