How To Make Blooms Using Bigger Buds

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If you link small buds together, you will need to create a long link to create a bloom. If there are a few bigger buds, then a smaller chain will create a bloom. Look for such same-colored chains that contain bigger buds to make blooms faster. Remember: More blooms will help you complete objectives and score more points.



When a flower blooms, it triggers the flowers next to it and they also grow a little more. Because they are so close to each another, it is common for one blooming flower to trigger half a dozen other flowers to bloom as well, clearing out a large area of the game board.




Make Long Combinations

The longer the combination of blossom/flowers is, the larger the explosion will be at the end.  An explosion can get rid of many surrounding blossoms. Remember, the last flower in the combination will be the one who changes to a bigger flower and explodes (clearing surrounding flowers).


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