What Do The Boosters Do?

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We all need a little help from time to time. In the garden there are few things more useful that the trusted shovel.

The shovel

It can remove weeds, break glass and also remove flowers!



The Watering Can

Flowers love water! Use the Watering Can to grow a cluster of buds and create a stronger link.

The Color Palette

The Color Palette booster can be used to transform a bud or flower into a new color.

Water Bucket

There are 3 layers of water bucket.   When flowers bloom or a big flower blooms, the water bucket will release 4 water drops and trigger flowers on their way. If there are leaf piles, water drops will push them.  It will also reduce one layer of  blockers. Depending where the water drops fall, if the garden contains buds or weeds, it will reset layers of weed and bud count will increase 9 times.

That’s it, consider your self primed. It’s time to put those green thumbs to serious use and tend to your digital garden. Play Blossom Blast Saga on iOS and Android now!

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