How Do The Different Blockers Work?

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What kind of game would it be if there weren’t any pesky obstacles in your way, trying to stop you from completing a level?


Bee will land on random flowers on the garden to increase the stage of flower bloom. After 2 moves, they will move to another place until out of turns, they will fly out of the garden.  If there is a normal flower bloom, a big flower bloom or falling flowers, they also land on another place or fly out.

While bees are landing on a flower, they also prevent the player from linking the next flowers.


Crow(s) will stand at any position in the garden. After linking flowers without hitting them, they will "hit" the flowers, unless some flowers blast beside them. if there are glasses, they will break them. They hit pots and vases, too.   If the player links the flowers within hitting the bird, they will stop hitting flowers. After hitting them 3 times, they will fly out.


The Glass is a tricky obstacle that has to be eliminated in a very specific way. To shatter the glass, you have to link uncovered buds to those under the glass.  The longer the link the more likely you are to make a flower boom, which will help shatter the glass quicker!  A normal flower bloom near them will crack one glass layer. A normal flower bloom inside them will destroy the glass. A big flower bloom near them or inside them will break the neighboring glass.

Leaf Pile

A leaf pile will prevent the player from linking the next flowers on the garden.  They can hide flowers or blockers. You cannot remove them completely.  They can only decrease by making  by making a normal flower bloom or a big flower bloom when they are near each other.


Lily pads

When flowers bloom, they will sink down the water and you cannot link the next flowers. After one move, they will float again. However, there are some levels that lily pads totally sink down and never float anymore.



Those Moles are cute but messy! Each turn they are not dealt with, they will borrow holes in your garden and reduce the amount of space you have to maneuver.  To remove the hole, you have to  blast flowers nearby it three times.   Linking buds next to them will impede their progress. Molehills will take several links before they close but will close quicker if they are hit with a big flower or a Super Bloom. Closing all Molehills in a level will stop them from burrowing.



When flowers bloom near mushrooms, they will explode and spread into two mushrooms in random spaces. A flower link of the same color with mushrooms and a big flower bloom will remove them.



Plant Pots
Plant Pots are like prisons to flowers. Rebel against them by knocking them down!  They can be destroyed by creating links next to them. They have different stages; the more intact they are, the more links it will take to fully clear them. Big Flowers or Super Blooms will destroy a Plant Pot quicker than simple links.




Snail can spawn a slime if you do not make a flower bloom near them.  When a flower blooms near them, they will scare, a next flower bloom will make them move.  If there are not any flower blooms, they will work again and spawn slimes in 2 moves.



Dreaded weeds are the enemy of every budding gardener out there! To get rid of weeds you will have to create links next to the weeds. The effect of the link will only take place on the last flower in the link chain, so make sure to have your link end at the weeds. Some weeds have several stages and require more than one link to eradicate! Big Flowers and Super Blooms will rid you of weeds quicker than your average link.

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