What Are The Different Game Modes?

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We’ve got the basics down, your linking like you’ve been doing it all your life but Blossom Blast is about more than just linking, there are different game modes that will challenge your gardening skills in so many different ways.

Scoring Mode
In scoring mode, you have to achieve a specific target score in order to complete a level. You gain points by linking flowers together and creating blooms.  Try to create chain reactions but you also need to be aware of the surrounding flowers.   Pay attention to all the flowers that are ready to bloom so you can create the chain reaction.  The bigger the chain is, the higher your score .

Big Bud Mode
To complete this mode you will have to pop all of the Big Buds. Each Big Bud has a number and when that number reaches zero, the bud will explode.  You can decrease this number by linking flowers of the same color as the bud, into the bud. Alternatively, you can create blooms next to the buds, which will also decrease the number.  It’s worth noting that linking flowers of the same color as the bud will reduce the number far quicker than creating blooms!

When Linking Buds, Keep an Eye on the Bloom Meter (located in the top of the screen, just below the water bucket), because it will indicate when a bud will be ready to bloom.   Chain together buds of the same color  as you keep an eye on the bloom meter. The meter will help you choose the best matches, which will ultimately lead to more flower blooms.  Also, when chaining buds together, make sure the last bud is close to bigger buds. This way, when the last bud of a chain blooms, it will trigger more blooms.

Remove all the weeds
To remove all of the weeds you have to link a chain of 3 or more flowers next to it. The effect will only take place on the last flower in the link chain. Weeds also have different levels, so bigger weeds will require several links before they disappear.

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