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benisenseibenisensei Posts: 11
Hi, when i want to log in Blossom Blast with my King account here, the game cant recognise my email. I usually log in and play with my facebook account (which is the same email) . Is there any way to link those 2 accounts so i don’t loose mybonus and progress? Thanks for your help!

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  • Jelly JennyJelly Jenny Posts: 1,756 Community Moderator
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    @benisensei The 40 Gold Bars had been added the day that the competition ended! Since then they seem to have been spent on extra moves mostly. I hope this helps! 

    Accepted Answer

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  • benisenseibenisensei Posts: 11
    Thank you! Now it seems it’s synchronised. Do you know how i can get the 40 gold bars from the contest?
  • benisenseibenisensei Posts: 11
    Ooops i did not notice, I thought it was from my previous purchase!
    i ll make sure to participate in the next contest, hoping for being lucky again!
    thank you you've been both very helpful
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