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Double Letter Word Game 🐝🐝

debrichmonddebrichmond Posts: 5,777 Level 5
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Here's a new game. Each player posts a word that contains a double letter, but it must begin with the letter that was doubled in the previous post.

If I play: letter

Next play could be: terrible

Let's go! Tagging: @glenna72 @mysticalmysty @Nat09 @Lim @kiara_wael @BQN537 @frenioz00 @QueenMia @Bumper2019 @Freddy_Falkner @gr33n3y3z @Scooterpie @akthamabuali @Foley1362 @candycrushinit @bearwithme @stan1981 @siti_payung @RegalRenz @JDNORAfan @Carmel1919 @Albert_Heinrich @Werner_Cichy @RobinCorte

My word is dribble, so the next word needs to start with B



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