When I try to send lives , I get this error message 1392091421116462 does not resolve to a valid user ID. What's causing this and what do I do to fix?

Thank you in advance



  • Freddy_FalknerFreddy_Falkner Posts: 43,528 Sweet Legend

    @NOTNETTER Hi and welcome, Is this through facebook account. As you may need to contact there support regarding this.

    Thank you

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  • MDG04MDG04 Posts: 1 Newbie

    I just made a purchase in the Blossom Blast game and my game froze after attempting to use the coins. It happened twice. This seems to happen each time I make a purchase; I end up losing coins without actually getting additional moves. This has happened several times; I thought the first few were a fluke but it's ongoing.

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